Winning Georgia’s Sports Future Conference

Speech by Allie Young, CEO of Axis Replay

Good afternoon.

I’m Allie Young, CEO and founder of Axis Replay. Axis Replay is the first of its kind facility for video games and esports. We exist to create fun, social experiences for gamers and their friends so that they can build stronger, personal connections. 

People always ask me, “Allie, why would anyone leave their home to play video games at Axis Replay?” My answer: Because we’re human. Because it’s in our DNA to be social. Because at our core, we actively seek out experiences that allow us that all-important, human-to-human connection.

How many of you have been to a sporting event here or another arena? Why do you leave the comfort of your couch and big screen at home? Because you’re human. Because it’s in your DNA to be social. Because at our core, we actively seek out experiences that allow us that all-important, human-to-human connection. 

My background is in sales and marketing. I learned from companies like Cox Media, Clear Channel before I opened my own marketing firm to work with companies like the U.S. Army, Captial Records and the Essence Festival. 

I am a gamer. I met my husband playing video games 20 years ago. I am the ultimate example of how social gaming can be. The sports culture exists because of our basic human need to be social. Esports contributes to the overall sports culture of Atlanta because it helps to unify and connect our entire community. 

4 months ago, I was right here in the admin offices meeting with Greg Mize and Adam Zimmerman of the Braves Organization, pitching the Atlanta Players’ Cup collaboration. As you know, there are a lot of pro-athletes who also play video games. What if we gave fans a new way to engage with their favorite players in a way that rallies the entire community? 

The outcome: The Atlanta Players’ Cup. Last week, after the Marlins game, Braves relief pitcher, Luke Jackson who is the co-owner of esports team Raised By Kings and Avid gamer along with players Acuña, Albies, Newcomb, Fried and Hechavarría played in the first ever Atlanta Players’ Cup series battle in the popular Fortnite game. The event was streamed live in the plaza post-game, on the Braves Facebook page and on Twitch. 

While we’re still disseminating all the data from last week, here’s what we know: 3 hours of promo, 3.5 hours of content streamed on a brand new Twitch channel with 0 followers. 

We had:

  • over 227,000 views
  • 10,829 hours watched
  • 6,713 peak viewers
  • ranked in the top 500/7700 most watched Fortnite streams in the world
  • ranked #252 most watched English Fortnite channel. 

This is not a new problem that we’re solving. Our sports culture is solving a problem that exists. We’re answering a question everyone in this room has been asking. How do we get people here? How do we engage them? How do we create experiences that allow for meaningful connections? That is what’s worth investing in.