The Weekend Esports Minute

League of Legends: Previews for patch 10.4 were posted online a few days ago, introducing a host of balance changes for many popular champions. Soraka and Sona see significant changes that will force them out of top lane and back to the support role, while Diana, Garen, Zed, and Mordekaiser see their abilities buffed against jungle camps. 

Counter-Strike: European and North American qualifiers for FLASHPOINT Season 1 will begin today and continue through the weekend. FACEIT and B Site Inc. are organizing the franchised league, however, teams who participate in FLASHPOINT will be allowed to compete in other tournaments and events, such as ESL Pro League. 2020 Blast Spring Premier will also be determining the winners of Group C throughout this weekend. 

Dota 2: Qualifiers for the StarLadder ImbaTV Minor Season 3 commenced this morning. The winners of the regional qualifiers will be invited to the main event to determine the final participant for ESL One Los Angeles as well as compete for a $300,000 prize pool.

Rainbow Six Siege: The Six Invitational will be concluding this Sunday, offering a $3,000,000 prize pool. Loser Bracket quarterfinals are scheduled for today, as well as the main event of the Creator’s Cup, which pits popular R6 content creators against each other for the chance to win $20,000 for charity. 

Overwatch: The Overwatch League will be broadcasting live from the Met in Philadelphia, PA. Regular matches for the OWL’s inaugural homestand season will happen this Saturday and Sunday, and fans will be sure to pack the venue to its gills in support of their favorite teams. 

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