Reign at Home: AXR at ATL Homestand Weekend

ATLANTA – July 12

Last weekend, the Atlanta Reigns Overwatch team hosted seven fellow teams from the Overwatch League in Atlanta for Homestand Weekend.

We had the pleasure of hosting the Atlanta Reigns, Philadelphia Fusions, Washington Justice and the Florida Mayhems in our facility for the week.

Allie Young, CEO of Axis Replay, founded the company to provide the infrastructure that was lacking in esports. The Atlanta Homestand Weekend proved that the demand is very high as teams struggled to find suitable practice environments aside from AXR!

As a proud sponsor of the Homestand Weekend, we had the chance to attend the event, and interact with fans at our booth!

Our team had a blast meeting old and new faces, engaging local gamers, and cheering on our hometown team. We can’t wait until the Reigns move into Atlanta!

Check out the recap video below.