PLL at Axis Replay: Bridging sports and esports

Axis Replay partnered with the Premier Lacrosse League to combine the traditional sports and the gaming communities.

The Premier Lacrosse League held their games in Atlanta last weekend, drawing out thousands of people to the Georgia State stadium. We had the pleasure of hosting the PLL for a Fortnite event at Axis Replay on June 27.

Myels Jones of the Chaos LC and Dominique Alexander of the Archers LC came down to Axis Replay for a meet and greet and a little Fortnite action. They even streamed their Fortnite game on our Twitch!
You can check out the grand finals clip below:

Jones, one of the biggest stars in the PLL, sat down with Herb May, the Director of Business Development at Axis Replay for a short chat.
Watch the full video here.

As gaming continues to receive more attention in the mainstream media, athletes are beginning to look into the esports industry. The PLL: Fortnite event was a great first step to bridging the esports and sports world for live events. We hope to bring more events like this in the future, so stay tuned!