Valkyries Ascend!: AXR’s First Stream Team Launch

Have you heard of the broadcasting site called Twitch? or Mixer?

If you’re a gamer, you’re probably very familiar with them, and many of the other platforms available today.

For those that aren’t in-the-know, platforms like Twitch allow gamers to broadcast their video games to their audience. It’s almost like uploading a video on YouTube except everything is LIVE and viewers can interact with the broadcaster through a text-based chat.

The ladies of AXR pose for a picture in front of the beltline entrance.

Twitch got a lot of mainstream media attention when Amazon purchased it for $970 million in 2016. In addition to Twitch, Microsoft has their own platform called Mixer, and YouTube also has a gaming channel. It’s obvious that live-streaming can not be left out when discussing esports and gaming culture.

As we’ve seen with the Atlanta Reign Overwatch team’s Homestand Weekend, Skillshot Media’s continued growth of the Paladins and Smite Leagues, and major gaming events like DreamHack being hosted in the city, we felt that now is the time to get involved in the growing esports scene and streaming community of Atlanta.

That’s why, in just one week, Axis Replay is announcing the AXR Stream Team Initiative. AXR is looking to partner with the streamers in the area, to provide exposure, produce dynamic content and plan engaging events for Atlanta’s gaming and streaming scene.

The Initiative is launching on August 3, with a Silent Disco Party, where AXR’s first team, the AXR Valkyries – comprised of RobotGiggles, TygarLily, and VioletStClaire – will be announced. Gamers will be able to enjoy a night of food and drinks, watch the Valkyries stream from Axis Replay, listen to local DJ’s and music talent, and game.

“As a female CEO, especially in a male dominated industry, it was important to me to highlight and celebrate female gamers, and to choose brand ambassadors that really embodied that message of empowerment.” said Allie Young, CEO of Axis Replay. “Axis Replay is an inclusive community, and what better way to show that inclusivity than to develop a streaming team from local Atlanta talent, lead by strong streaming personalities, that just happen to also be bad-ass women?”

At the Disco and Launch Event, The AXR Stream Team applications will be open to interested streamers and content creators with a minimum of 2,000 followers.

To find more information about the Valkyries Ascension Silent Party and RSVP, head to