#GamersBeatCancer: Fortnite Tournament Raises Funds for Pediatric Cancer Research

Gaming Facility Axis Replay Hosted Charity Fortnite Tournament in Partnership with the American Cancer Society and GameChangers Org

ATLANTA, Aug 14 – Axis Replay, in partnership with the American Cancer Society and the GameChanger Charity, hosted the #GamersBeatCancer Tournament on August 10. Gamers across the U.S. competed in the popular video game ‘Fortnite’ and raised a total of $7,615 for pediatric cancer research. 

The Aileen Sherman Memorial #GamersBeatCancer Tournament let gamers to donate $20 in order to compete for prizes including high-end computer components. The 77 participants played 3 matches in a solo bracket, and a champion was crowned through tallying the points from each game. Participants also raised funds by accepting donations through their own live-streams on their own broadcast platforms, like Twitch and Mixer. Axis Replay’s Twitch channel amassed peak viewership of 839 viewers, and raised $1,084 through viewer donations. 

The tournament series was inspired by Ryan Bloch, who founded the Aileen Sherman Memorial Fund at the age of 12 after his grandmother died from cancer. He organized a similar video game tournament in her honor and raised over $12,000 for cancer research last year.  

“One of our founders passed away from pancreatic cancer before we opened the Atlanta facility, and everyone on the team here has been affected by cancer in one way or another, so it’s a very passionate topic for us,” said Allie Young, CEO of Axis Replay. “When I heard Ryan’s story, I knew I had to get involved.”

The winner of the #GamersBeatCancer Tournament was Nick “Dwaal” Cavill, a 13-year-old from Atlanta, GA. “It was really fun playing with all these gamers,” said Cavill. “And it was inspiring to see so many people care about finding a cure for cancer.”

Axis Replay plans to hold more charity events in the future. For more information about the #GamersBeatCancer Tournament, or Axis Replay’s upcoming events, contact David Kwak at dkwak@axisreplay.com or at (706) 280-3663.  

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