Fostering A New Community of Gamers: Darius “dapvip” Patterson

Our CEO, Allie Young, often says Axis Replay was made with the adult gamer in mind. Although many of you might immediately think of teenagers when the word ‘video games’ are brought up, the average age of a gamer in the U.S. is 35. Everyone that works here is a gamer, and we strive to provide the best experience for all gamers.

We all have our childhood gaming memories, but the gaming and esports industry was not as prominent then for it to be an easy career path to dream about. The landscape has drastically changed, and we are starting to see teenagers taking the spotlight in various gaming tournaments. We’re always looking for ways to foster the next generation of gamers, and that’s why we hosted the AXR Summer Camps this summer.

But our very own Darius ‘Dapvip’ Patterson went above and beyond our expectations at AXR last week when he spoke at LaBelle Elementary School for their career day, where he covered the different careers in gaming they could pursue, from professional gaming, broadcasting on twitch and TV, to tournament organizing.

Mrs. Alexander from the school had nothing but praise for Darius’s presentation. Read the email below:

Dearest Darius,

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule and coming out to present your career to our students. The students were truly anticipating your arrival. Some were even jotting down questions that they hoped to ask you once you arrived. I honestly haven’t seen my students excited about Career Day at all, but this was something different.The usual presentations and presenters are usually talking about jobs that most Elementary students don’t think twice about.

So let me tell you that you and your arrival was definitely the hot topic of the week. So much so that I was asked if you wouldn’t mind extending your day a bit so that the Fifth Grade would also be able to visit with you. Thank you for being as flexible and accommodating as you were this morning. It all meant a lot to our students. The students were engaged like never before.

Many students have often stated that when they grow up they want to become a professional gamer. I’m sure that many students were very unclear as to what that actually entailed. They honestly had no idea as to where to begin or what that actually meant. So this morning, l truly enjoyed watching the lights switch on in their minds. They were amazed to learn that they have many other options besides what they see on TWITCH. They were plain and simply ..Inspired.

The other teachers had only praise for your presentation, and other presenters had heard of the wonderful job you had done. Students were still talking about it even after making it into their next session. It seems that you were the hardest act to follow.  Many teachers and students alike are hoping to come to see what you do in person. You should know the Axis Replay pamphlets were a hot commodity. I’ve had teachers and students drop in requesting a copy. Everyone wants to be involved in this new Genre.

You have definitely brought new life to all. I hope that we can work something out in the future for our upper level classes to come to you next, but if not we hope that you will come again. Your organization should be very proud of the work you have done on their behalf. Just in case you decide to be the usual modest and humble you, I am forwarding a copy of this email to your business. May they toot your horn as well. 

Sincerest Thanks, 

Catherine Alexander 
Fourth Grade Teacher 
LaBelle Elementary.

GG, Darius!