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GYO Combine Kickoff

March 1, 2019 @ 11:00 am 11:30 pm

Come and prove yourself all week

Starting Friday, March 1st is the GYO Combine and we have it right here at Axis Replay. Get noticed by pro teams or colleges offering scholarships, and find other great players to team up with and make your mark.

You don’t need to have a preformed team to do the combine, all you need is your skills! Find below some tips on how to do well and here is a link to learn more about the GYO Combine.

What GYO looks for

The goal of the Combine is to collect statistics, data, and measurements that are often not focused on in-game. Therefore, it is important that players understand what we are looking for and what we are measuring.

In short, we look for player potential in a couple key categories: Raw ability, teamwork, and meta understanding.

We won’t tell you exactly what we’re looking at, because we know players will game the system. But we can give you some basic advice to help you succeed.


This is the important one. If you try to change your game up or press too hard or feel like you need to force a win, you’re more likely to create negative data than positive data. With that said…

Play to your strengths

This is not the opportunity to play new characters or new positions you are uncomfortable with. Play your best game and best characters that you possibly can. If another player or teammate selects your favorite character or role, then go ahead to your fall-back position and role, but where possible, play the spot you best want to be recognized for.

Wins and losses really don’t matter

That seems weird, but we’re looking for context more than we are victories. You can go 0–10 in the Combine and still have a strong score. ELO Hell and poor play from teammates will not hurt you here, so long as you are playing the game the right way.

Kills also are overrated

Don’t go crazy thinking you need to get a bunch of kills. If you play a character that SHOULD get a bunch of kills, then do that…. but don’t pressure yourself. If you’re a support player, then support your team appropriately and a poor K/D will not hurt you.

Don’t tilt

We can tell when players go toxic. We’re more impressed often by players who go on a long losing streak, but their play level stays high or consistent. It’s easy for players to give up, quit, or play in stupid ways because they are frustrated. Show mental toughness and don’t let losing tilt your gameplay.

In a nutshell, here’s the golden rule question: Did you play your role appropriately to give your team the best chance to win? If you did, then we’ll be able to analyze that and showcase that even though your team lost.

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