Who We Are

Axis Replay (AXR) is a 12,000 sq ft. recreational technical venue. We exist to create fun, social, welcoming experiences for gamers, industry partners and their friends so that they can build stronger personal & professional connections.

We are booking events for the holiday season and beyond! Create fun, safe social experiences for your guests with AXR online activations, venue rental, and live production services.

If you're LFG and want to hang out virtually, join us on the Axis Replay Discord Channel!

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Our Partners

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Our COVID-19 Response

7/8/2020 - We’re leveling up to give you the best experience possible.

Axis Replay is implementing changes to its facility and services to best heed the guidance of public health officials, such as the Center for Disease Control and other appropriate government agencies, to best ensure your visit is safe and enjoyable.

As your preferred destination for gaming here in Atlanta, we ask that you work with us to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. For more information, Click Here.

Together, we win.

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